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Meet the Property Law Lawyers team

Welcome to our property law lawyers team, where expertise meets dedication. With a profound understanding of property law intricacies, we navigate through legal landscapes to safeguard your interests. Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions, ensuring seamless transactions and resolution of disputes. Trust us to be your guiding beacon in the complex world of property law, where your peace of mind is our priority.

Malisa Howard


On a mission to do things differently, Malisa founded Jaide Law in 2016. Since then, she’s built the firm up to be what you see today – a thriving support system for Jaide Law’s clients, business partners and staff.

Our clients know Malisa for her thorough, clear and commercial approach to law and her attention to detail (skills only overshadowed by her ability to consume world-record portions of pho). Her experience across the board in property, commercial and other areas of law, as well as her ability to be in tune with clients’ needs and to think outside of the box, results in a unique approach to law that we think is the bee’s knees.​

​Outside the office, when Malisa isn’t volunteering legal services to charities, you can find her frequenting one of Sydney’s many dog parks with our office pooch, Huxley.

Malisa Howard
Jade Lloyd-Weinstein

Jade Lloyd-Weinstein

SENIOR SOLICITOR | Property Law Team

Got a question about property law? Jade has worked in property law for over 15 years and we’re confident she – being a walking, talking, double-shot-cappuccino-drinking encyclopedia of property law – will have the answer.

Jade has worked on all sides of property transactions, from working with property developers and government bodies to working with individuals and trusts. Her experience across residential and commercial transactions means that, no matter what hurdles are thrown in, she always finds a way to overcome them and achieve the kind of results that have her clients singing her praises.

​When she isn’t tackling contract reviews, Jade is usually amusing us with her wicked sense of humour or planning her next family adventure.

Felicity Thomas

SENIOR SOLICITOR | Property Law Team



With a knack for sleeping on the job and, to be brutally honest, a complete disregard for personal space, we’re not too sure how Huxley managed to secure a spot on the team.

Now he’s here, he’s our most in-demand and loved staff member and is the first port-of-call if you’re feeling stressed or want a second to relax (and play fetch with one of his many toys in the office).

As a result of his stellar efforts, and his ability to consistently meet his KPI of being a very good boy, Huxley has managed to secure a long term position in the team and it’s looking like he won’t be leaving anytime soon (except for his daily walkies, of course).


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